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Apply for 21 exciting internships with only one CV/résumé. You do not know for which internship or employer you could be the best fit. You will never know if you don’t apply.

Application deadline: November 3

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Yes! It’s easy and takes almost no time. You could be the best fit for an opportunity you never imagined! And even if you don’t get one of the internships, you can still get offers for other opportunities by our employers.

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Where will your career adventure take place?

Blind Applying can take you anywhere in the world! Find out more about our special internship locations by clicking on the map below. More locations to be revealed soon!


How does it work?

You simply fill out the form, attach your CV/résumé and click “Apply”. No cover letter needed. Interviews with our employers will take place in December. If you don’t get one, you could still get different offers by our employers at a later date. So many opportunities, only one application!

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